Parallel Flange Section

The production of medium and large size Hot Rolled Parallel Flange Beams and Column Sections (H-Beams) in India. The beams are cost-effective and provide design flexibility.

Manufactured as per Indian & International standards, these sections are superior in terms of strength, efficiency, higher axial and bending load bearing capacity, workability and economy vis-à-vis outdated tapered flange beams.

They are extensively used in construction of multi-storied buildings, bridges, utility buildings, car parking lots, refineries, airports, flyovers, metro rail projects, cement, steel plants and industrial sheds and structures, material handling systems, shopping malls, power plants and stadiums.

The very fact that our steel is being used in many major projects such as Refineries, Metro Rail Projects, Airports, Flyovers, Power Plants, Highways, Big Malls and High Rise Buildings is an ample proof of our superior product quality, product range and customer service.

Product Specifications

    Channels: 250 mm-400 mm.

    Welded beams: 350 mm to 2000 mm (fabricated in custom made sizes).

    Universal Beams: 203 x 133 to 600 x 300 mm

    Universal Columns: 152x152 to 356 x 368 mm.

    UB- British Universal Beams as per BS 4-1: 1993

    UC - British Universal Columns as per BS 4-1: 1993

    NPB - Narrow Parallel Flange Beams as per IS Code12778 (Equivalent to IPE Series-European Standard Narrow Flange Beams)

    WPB – Wide Parallel Flange Beams as per IS Code12778 (Equivalent to HE Series - European Wide Flange Beams)

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